The Concession Assets (CA) Division of Mudajaya Group has the relevant expertise and experience to conduct feasibility studies, conceptual design work, detailed engineering, construction, commissioning, the supply and installation of equipment for thermal power plants. This include the EPCC for works related to the Power Island which consists of the boiler, turbine and generator and Balance of Plant (“BOP”) facilities including emission and effluent control systems.

It has established strategic alliances with global specialists to ensure timely and cost effective delivery of quality equipment and materials for such projects. Mudajaya’s involvement in power plant construction began in 1972 and has a track record for successful and timely completion of almost 18 power plant projects of various sizes and capacities. Mudajaya can effectively manage project and construction risks and streamline deliveries to ensure that projects are completed within budget and on schedule. The Company is also a total solutions provider and can optimise existing power plants through retrofits, upgrades and/or conversions.

Apart from conventional thermal plants, Mudajaya has similar expertise in Renewable Energy projects in solar, wind and mini-hydros. The CA also holds concession rights in 2 photovoltaic solar farms in Malaysia totalling 60MW

Apart from constructing, operating and owning its own IPP Projects in Malaysia, India and Indonesia, Mudajaya has also embarked on the provision of design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operations and management (“O&M”) services.


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